HISTERA | 12 Apr 2024



Era contenders, buckle up!

We’re going to delve into the fascinating world of Histera’s level design. In this blog, we will tell a bit about how we create maps where entire sections can warp in and out. But first, if you haven’t done so already, wishlist Histera to show us your support!

Unlike traditional evolving environments, Histera throws a unique twist – the Glitch – into the mix. The Glitch has the power to change the Era a certain section of the map finds itself in, even while players are still active there. Imagine fighting in a lush forest, then stepping through an action-packed glitching world and suddenly finding yourself amidst the warn-torn factory of Novgorod!

Here’s a peek into the magic

The Canvas: 

Our levels are built within designated boundaries called sections. Each Histera map contains five of them. The sections are there to make sure that the map size is always consistent and balanced while still allowing the level within the section to change to diverse environments. Because of this flexibility, our designers can create sprawling landscapes, claustrophobic dungeons, and everything in between, all within the same level. Strategically placed invisible border gates on the map ensure players always have a path to another section. We want no dead ends in our levels!

The Glitch Factor: 

Glitching from one Era to another is a key mechanic to Histera’s ever-changing gameplay. A certain passage might be inaccessible in one era, but open up entirely when another era is glitched in next to it. This design of the Glitch changing the map fosters constant engagement and exploration. As players fight throughout the level, these glitches introduce a layer of surprise and make gameplay more dynamic. Suddenly, a familiar path might be blocked, forcing players to adapt their strategies and explore alternative routes.

Building the Blueprint: 

Before the artists come in, we create a detailed “blockout” of the level. This initial layout adheres to a pre-defined set of guidelines (don’t worry, we’ll spare you the details, but you can find an example of what it looks like below). The blockout phase is crucial, as it establishes the core flow and functionality of the level. Our designers carefully consider routes, flow, cover, and item placement to create a balanced and engaging experience for players of all skill levels.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3: 

Once the blockout is complete, it undergoes rigorous testing. First, test the level without glitches, then unleash the Glitch and see how it functions with these era shifts. This testing phase ensures that the level functions smoothly across all eras and remains unique in look and feel when placed besides other eras.

Artful Collaboration:
Satisfied with the blockout’s functionality, we hand it over to our talented art team. They weave their magic, crafting amazing visuals that bring the level to life. However, sometimes their artistic vision extends past the blockout, which means the blockout needs to be tweaked once more. This collaborative process involves continuous testing and refinement to ensure a seamless and visually stunning experience. The image below shows the same area as the previous blockout, but now completely finished!


This is just a glimpse into the world of level design. We’re constantly pushing boundaries to deliver the most engaging experience possible. We will let you know more about Histera soon!

See you in the dome,