HISTERA | 21 Mar 2024



Welcome fellow Glitch contenders!

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve shared new thoughts and insight with you. We’ve been working hard on Histera and steadily progressing in the later stages of development. Although we’re not yet ready to share any specifics yet, do keep a close eye on our channels. You’ll be hearing more about the Early Access Launch date soon!

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Famously utilized in several different comical scenarios by Bart from the Simpsons, the slingshot is a weapon that lets you be just as annoying to your enemies on the battlefield as Bart Simpson is to his dad.

Although, this version of the slingshot has been “creatively inspired” by the Pliocene Plateau. The Rockstorm can charge its shots to become more accurate and powerful. Which makes the slingshot a perfect choice to pick off your enemies. And if that’s not enough, the Rockstorm applies a slow effect to your opponents when they are hit. Making it more than merely a nuisance to your enemies on the battlefield.

The Karabiner

Inspired by the Karabiner 98K, a carbine used by the Germans during the second World War from 1935 till 1945. The Karabiner is now glitching from its original Era to the arena of Histera. This carbine is a single shot weapon where accuracy is key, though it’s not as unforgiving as a sniper rifle. Giving you a fighting chance with the carbine in medium to long range. Don’t let its age suggest that the Karabiner is useless, it is still as efficient and dangerous as it was in its own Era.


Cyclone S6

Introducing the Cyclone S6: electrifying the battlefield with its shocking firepower! This futuristic submachine gun is a lightning-fast addition to your arsenal, perfect for those intense ‘run and gun’ situations. Just be wary of long-distance engagements – this gun’s electricity packs a punch up close, but might fizzle out at a distance. Get ready to zap your enemies into submission with the Cyclone S6!

As you see there is enough diversity on the battlefield of Histera. Even if the chaotic glitch wasn’t already enough! We hope you enjoyed this insight and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been brewing. Soon(™)!

See you in the dome,