HISTERA | 07 Feb 2024



Welcome back, Glitch contenders!

As we continue our exploration of Histera, we’re diving into the heart of the battlefield once again. This time, the focus is on the game-changing pick-ups that could turn the tide in your favor.
Besides the well-known ammo, health and armor pick-ups, Histera features unique buffs called Glitch Pick-ups, randomly placed in glitching areas of each Era, offering a temporary yet impactful advantage. In this blog we delve into those pick-ups and what to expect from them!

The Glitch pick-ups

Double Damage

Seeking to boost your damage output? Grab the Double Damage pick-up! Your firepower doubles for a limited time, allowing you to shred through your enemies with unmatched force. Whether you’re facing off an opponent with extra health or clearing out a crowded area, Double Damage ensures your attacks leave a mark on anyone that opposes you.

Infinite Ammo

Don’t worry about running dry during firefights with the Infinite Ammo pick-up. Embrace the relentless assault as your ammunition becomes limitless for a brief duration. This pick-up can be a game-changer in the right hands, enabling you to sustain a constant barrage without the need to reload. Perfect for catching your enemies off guard or suppressing the enemy while your team pushes.


Survivability is key in dominating Histera’s battlefield, the Regeneration pick-up is here to help with that. Watch as your health regenerates over time, providing a crucial edge in prolonged engagements. Whether recovering from a close call or preparing for the next confrontation, this pick-up ensures you stay in the fight.



Swiftly navigate the battlefield with the Haste pick-up, granting you increased movement speed for a temporary period. Whether evading enemy fire, repositioning for a tactical advantage, or closing in on your target with lightning speed, Haste empowers your mobility, making you a hard-to-hit force on the move.

Extra Health

Fortify your defenses with the Extra Health pick-up, temporarily boosting your overall health pool. This additional resilience can be the difference between win and lose in the heat of battle. Using it in 1v1 scenarios and good positioning will ensure you come out on top and emerge victorious.

Vampire Damage

Offense truly is the best defense with the Vampire Damage pick-up. Your attacks become a source of sustenance, draining the life from enemies and replenishing your health. Embrace the dynamic role of both hunter and healer as you wield this powerful pick-up, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Power Armor

Providing you with increased resistance to incoming damage, the Power Armor ensures that whether absorbing enemy fire, shrugging off explosives, or enduring dangerous environments, you will withstand any challenge with more ease.

As you explore Histera’s glitching areas, keep a keen eye out for these game-altering pick-ups. Strategically utilizing these buffs can be the key to victory, offering a dynamic and thrilling dimension to your gameplay. Stay tuned for more insights into Histera’s mechanics, and join us on this exhilarating journey through time!

See you in the dome,