HISTERA | 24 Jan 2024



Welcome back, Era contenders!

Two weeks ago, we embarked on a journey through our diverse Eras. From the primal landscapes of Pliocene Plateau to the wartime echoes of Novgorod and the futuristic chaos of Montorro City.

This week, join us as we delve into the heart of the battlefield, exploring the weaponry that will soon be at your disposal. As StickyLock’s development journey progresses, we’re thrilled to share exclusive insights into the weapons that will play a crucial role in shaping your experience within Histera. We’ll take a more focused look at a few distinct armaments of each Era, highlighting their unique features and special abilities. Stay with us for a detailed exploration into the weaponry that will define your journey through the ever-shifting landscapes of Histera!

The weapons of Pliocene Plateau

The Poison Puffer

A weapon straight from prehistory, boasting a crude and primitive design. Crafted with bones, wood, and bound together by rugged leather, this weapon may seem primitive, but don’t let its looks deceive you since it packs a potent punch.

Its unique mechanism involves shooting seven darts at once, each carrying a venom that inflicts damage over time upon impact with the enemy, giving them a false sense of security when they think they got away.

The hunting bow
A simple but timeless weapon, dating back over 71 thousand years. Crafted with wood and sinew, this unassuming weapon conceals a formidable power that should not be underestimated on the battlefield.

True to its roots, the hunting bow operates with a familiar yet effective design, drawing the bowstring and launching arrows toward your targets. In a world dominated by more advanced weaponry, this classic tool proves that precision and skill remain timeless assets in every Era.

The weapons of Montorro City

The Nova III

Step into the future with the Nova III, a cutting-edge sidearm from Montorro City. This futuristic weapon stands apart from its wartime counterparts, offering a unique blend of sleek design and advanced functionality.

When fired from the hip, the Nova III unleashes three bullets simultaneously, forming a precise triangle pattern. This ensures a widespread burst of firepower, perfect for close encounters or facing multiple opponents. But what if you’re being engaged from a distance? Not to worry, simply aim down your sights and instead of a spread of bullets you get one precise shot, perfect for medium range encounters.

The Matchstick

A cutting-edge shotgun from the streets of Montorro City. This sleek and powerful weapon mirrors the dual functionality of the Nova III but takes a different approach, offering the same adaptability to the Eras of Histera.

The Matchstick shoots ten bullets in a wide, circular spread effective in close ranges when hip-fired. However, the Matchstick’s true power emerges when you aim down the sights.
The longer you aim down sights, the closer the spread of bullets become. This mechanic makes it a dangerous weapon to run into at short and medium ranges alike.

The weapons of Novgorod

The Panzersting-06
In contrast to the handcrafted weapons from the Pliocene plateau or the sleek modern designs of Montorro City, the Panzersting is a solid steel, heavy and powerful rifle, designed to deliver maximum damage, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields of Histera.

With its straightforward yet effective mechanism, the Panzersting delivers powerful damage output, making it an ideal choice for engaging enemies at varying distances. You best not find yourself at the other end of this gun.

The BV-40

One of the most iconic weapons of the second world war finds its way into the battleground of Histera. Easily recognizable by its sleek design and foldable stock, this fully automatic submachine gun excels in close to medium distances.

Despite the available modern tech in Histera, this weapon remains a significant piece of the arsenal. It offers a classic yet deadly experience for any player that appreciates the reliability and precision that comes with this renowned firearm.

As we journey through time and unravel the mysteries of Histera, we invite you to join us on this adventure. Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming blogs on Steam, and other sneak peaks on our X, Discord, Reddit and YouTube, where we’ll delve deeper into the game and unveil exclusive insights into the diverse mechanics and content of Histera.

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